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Baby steps… Baby steps…

Just picked up this TASCAM recorder for interviews. Now to get my interviewing chops up to speed, and we’ll have ourselves a project well underway!


A statement of intent

New Orleans DJ culture is vastly under-celebrated facet of our local culture. Especially in a city where music culture means “live music,” what reigns are the strains supported by our tourist-based economy. And most tourists generally don’t flock to New Orleans for DJ culture (or electronic music, for that matter). Well, they (sort of) did at one crucial point in history (sort of) and that’s DEFINITELY a story I intend on visiting (sort of), but I digress…

The somewhat recent hype of bass (read: dubstep) culture has actually caused a surge in interest in electronic music and DJ culture not felt since the late 90s, and while I’m still fairly positive on that (a rising tide floats all boats) it’s amazing that the earlier generations of DJs in the city are sometimes forgotten or disregarded. I¬†want to help prevent that from happening.

Based on my body of (photographic) work chronicling the local New Orleans DJ culture over the past years, I’ve decided to take it a step further, and actually collect interviews and backstories for the DJs I’ve grown with and been honored to play ‘longside (selektah!) (Also, I hope to cull together¬†others’ photographs too. Old days are old. I didn’t have a camera back then.)

SOOOO, long story short, I’m gradually getting face time with as many LOCAL New Orleans DJs as I can to discuss whatever drove them (and what might still drive them) to be a DJ.

Though the first wave of DJs I talk to will be the ones who I have already photographed in action, I hope to keep this project ever expanding, and I hope to get to know many more DJs that are up and coming, transplants from other cities, and ones that I’ve simply never met, despite long times spent in NOLA.

If possible, I’m also hoping to track down some of the earliest pioneering DJs that helped seed the local scene that I grew up in.

TEST: First Post

This is the test post of a personal project I hope to develop with my massive existing stock of photographs I’ve taken of local DJs and the local (post?) rave scene.